UK networks and studies

  • Natural Capital Initiative,  a leading UK forum bringing together scientists, policy-makers, business, industry and others, to discuss how the ecosystem approach might be implemented in practice.
  • Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 18.24.59 PMThe Natural Economies Programme of the New Economics Foundation (NEF) aims to create economic policies that protect and support crucial ecosystems.
  • Ecosystems Knowledge Network, managed by DEFRA this is a resource for anyone wanting to share knowledge or learn about the practical benefits of an ecosystems approach.
  • Valuing Nature Network, an interdisciplinary network for valuing biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resource use
  • Positive Money believes that the root cause of many of our current social, economic and environmental problems lies in the way that we allow money to be created.
  • UK National Ecosystem Assessment, ‘understanding nature’s value to society’