Online ecosystems course

The Open University has announced a free online course called An Introduction to Ecosystems starting on 18th November. The course description sounds very interesting:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 15.25.00 PMIf we don’t grasp why ecosystems function, it becomes harder to determine possible reasons for when they don’t, and makes it difficult to identify possible environmental threats to humans.

The 6-week course was mentioned at the recent Annual General Meeting of L&OVe, and some of our members decided to sign up.  We plan to have a meeting in December where we will get together to discus what we have been learning and how this applies to the Lewes area.

Anybody else from the Lewes area who joins this course will be welcome to join our discussion, tentatively scheduled for the evening of 17th December. Details of the time and place will be posted here in due course.  Meanwhile, please sign up for the course here.