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  1. Welcome all L&OVe members to the new website! This is a work in progress and needs your feedback. Please send a reply to this message if you want to make any comments or suggestions about the site, and come along to the meeting at Lewes Arms on 6th Feb (upstairs at 7:30pm). Cheers. Andrew

    • Thanks Andrew! This looks really attractive, very informative and pretty thorough already!
      I’ll suggest some edit details in relation to Chalking up the Benefits …… but what a great start!
      Look forward to feedback from others!

  2. Wonderful… such a wealth of information, very interesting well written articles, great links… it will take me weeks to check it all out! an amazing resource, that will only grow as others suggest more content…
    Records of meetings show a good consistent approach and demonstrate all our imaginative projects really well. Some really good photos…
    This discussion zone is a great idea, hope that we can make good use of it!
    Although very flattered to be described as L&OVe artist in residence and asked for design comments, I feel that these would be window dressing to the bigger picture you’ve created… I’ll try my best to be critical later, but only if you insist!

  3. Hi all – this is fantastic and I am very grateful to Andrew for all the effort he has put in. As Colin knows I had suggested such a format in the summer – but had neither the skills nor time to do anything about it!

    I am unable to attend the meeting tonight (childcare night for me!) but think that it may be useful to have some protocols about what to publish on the public blog – for instance I have (kind of) been following the recent 1st plenary meeting of the IPBES (INTERGOVERNMENTAL PLATFORM ON BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES) which is obviously relevant in the (much) bigger picture – but do we just want to flag up a link (maybe a few lines about it) and let others find their way to it, or is it worth a few paras or not at all as its not local (or even national)…I was leaning towards putting this on the public page, but it could just as well be ‘for info’ on the members page – so some discussion on what goes where would be useful. Also how informal – for example if I had a lovely walk up river at the weekend and was inspired by it, shall I share the haiku it prompted here?
    Some food for thought.
    Colin – apologies for not catching up with e-mail in time for the Coastal Futures meet, I am interested in doing this, but will need more notice of meetings to plan them in! Sorry…
    Look forward to meeting notes

    • Hi Fran, good questions… will discuss this with rest of group this evening. Personally, i would like to see a balance the posts eg. one third about what’s happening in Lewes (incl. informal contributions from the members of L&OVe), one third about activities in Sussex and South Downs, and one third for national and global events or reports. But it could be hard to manage that. Let’s see what other say… we will let you know. Cheers.

  4. Hi all – just got this through today and thought it may interest some – either as a learning tool for ourselves, as inspiration for ways to communicate with others – or just because some of the pictures are amazing!!! Copy and paste the link at the bottom (sorry can’t seem to make it click-able!)

    The Youth Guide to Biodiversity is finally here!
    Discover the wonders of the world’s plants and animals in this brand-new, colourful, information-packed publication. Learn about biodiversity and what it does for us, and let the Youth Guide inspire you to help protect the marvellous natural world around us.
    Enjoy it, share it, get involved!

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