Introducing ‘naturegain’

Lewes & Ouse Valley eco-nomics (L&OVe) is a community group formed under the umbrella of Transition Town Lewes.

Our group is looking into the benefits that the local community and the local economy gets from the local environment; benefits like pollination, water purification, flood protection and climate regulation …. to name but a few. Scientists use the term ‘ecosystem services’ to describe these benefits, but we prefer the term naturegain.  We want to identify the most important types of naturegain in the Lewes area, and work with local organisations to enhance and sustain the ecosystems that provide these services.

Our goal is to help improve local people’s wellbeing and the resilience of the local economy by promoting greater recognition of how the natural environment underpins all business and is central to community wellbeing.   We have been running workshops, organising walks, and conducting studies in cooperation with a wide range of  individuals and institutions.  Please join us!

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